Streaming solutions

Easily and quickly integratevideo and voice calls into any web pageor application.

Our securely scalable solution enables you to make, record and replay voice and video calls as well as live sessions. We offer streaming capabilities with a variety of technology solutions that can be used in as little as a few hours.

Secure video conferencing

With this streaming platform, you can easily providevideo communication between your users, your employees or your customers.

Streaming-technológiánk bármilyen ügyfélszolgálati rendszerhez lehetővé teszi a videós beszélgetés hozzákapcsolását API-kapcsolaton keresztül, így a videóhívások könnyen és gyorsan menthetőek a saját ügyféladatbázis-kezelő programhoz.Our streaming technology allows any customer service system to involve a video callvia an API connection, so video calls can be saved easily and quickly to your own customer database management program.

The solution can be easily and quickly integrated into any website or mobile application.

The streaming solution includes: video and voice calls, chat, screen sharing, whiteboard features.

Broadcasting of events

Provide live coverage of any event.

We offer a platform that is suitable forthe online broadcast of any event (conference, concerts, sports, e-sports, etc.) and that allows you to easily deliver your live programs, whether in free or paid form, to viewers.

The broadcasts are available for unlimited time, so you can later generate free or paid views for the event organizers.


Our education oriented solution – up to 4K quality! – also suitable for live streams of educational nature.

Streams can be recorded, stored and retrieved indefinitely.

Multi-directional, as well as unidirectional communication,can be donewith only one click, so the instructor or the hosting institution can decide whether they want interactive or non-interactive presentation.

The system is able to connect to any student database or student management system using a built-in API.

Our solution works both with web customization and mobile application integration.