Quality Assurance

We believe at Soloron 40 Zrt. that a service is authentic if it is based on and evolves by up-to-date standards, therefore we have met the requirements of the European quality standards of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 which effectively means the implementation of the following:
  • We pay special attention to ensuring our customers’ satisfaction, both during the preliminary customer briefings and the actual service.
  • We always align our services to the current needs present in our professional environment.
  • We pay close attention when selecting our staff: we have a preliminary interview with each and every candidate, find out about their background in the industry and have them do a test job with us.
  • We solicit the opinions of all our customers about their satisfaction with our service and use their opinions to improve the quality of the service.
  • When purchasing assets, we keep in mind the service goals and the highest possible quality.
  • We operate our services with a strict set of rules and pay close attention to complying with applicable laws.
  • We monitor the quality of our services on a regular basis.
  • In order to achieve a high level of knowledge, we also continuously train our own employees, so we always ensure their quality activities which is supported by precise objectives, regular evaluations and feedback. This is a guarantee for our business partners that they are always provided with the best service possible
The primary goal of our business is to make our customers satisfied with our services as much as possible. We wish to achieve this by directing our efforts toward these two goals:
  • be a reliable and secure partner for our customers, and
  • deliver persistent, high-quality solutions to customers.

To achieve this, we strive to:

  • Keep the security of our company’s operations as high as possible, especially with regard to the security of information in the general sense.
  • Our company should develop its proposal on the details of the applicable solutions, taking into account the needs, possibilities and environment of the customers as thoroughly as possible.
  • The purpose of information security and service management is to reduce and prevent the damage caused by security incidents during the company’s operations and to ensure business continuity.
    It is therefore important that we continuously address the risks regarding our information. To this end, we identified the information assets at risk, assessed the risks and the level of residual risks, which we handle by implementing protection measures. The company assesses the risks on an ongoing basis.
  • In addition, our company management considers it very important that our company fully complies with the applicable legal and standard requirements and frameworks, as well as with the customer requirements.
  • We have created our information security and service management policies for our entire company.