Custom software development

We have extensive experience in the implementation, installation and operation of complex custom IT systems. These experiences extend from heavy-duty transactional systems to mobile applications and data warehousing, using state-of-the-art microservices and client-server-based architectures and technologies.

Our system analysts and project managers support the technical team with their professional experience in banking, administration and healthcare areas. Our activities cover the entire software lifecycle, i.e. the system design, the software development, the testing phase, the project and process management, as well as the IT operations.

Applied technologies

Our primary focus is the development of heavy-duty and high-availability custom softwares: we build on Java Spring Boot, .NET and PHP Laravel on the backend side, while use Angular and Vue.js on the frontend one. We are also proficient in handling classical relational (Oracle, MsSQL) and NoSQL (MongoDB, Raven, CouchDB) databases.

Testing, quality assurance

We provide full control of IT projects and systems from the consistency check of the design phase to the planning and execution of testing.

Methodology and reliability

The methodological approach used in each project is selected according to the delivery conditions, needs and the organizational culture of the customer. Our staff is proficient in the agile methodologies, as well as the classic Prince2 or PMI methodologies.

Our project managers are IT-savvy technological experts who duly keep track of progress, create effectiuve schedules, and communicate straight and honest with our clients.

We use online task management softwares to track our tasks, which we also share with our customers, so they can see directly the real-time progress of the project, the completed tasks and the remaining work. We ensure the proper quality through continuous testing (unit tests, user tests, integration tests).